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SEOno News & GB Posts: Part 6


Since Part 5 in March, quite a lot has happened…

So, yeah… It’s been pretty busy! 🙂

Posts on other sites

Here’s a few posts I’ve written on other sites since March as well…

3 Things I’ve Learnt 3 Months Into Self-Employment

Cappuccino imageIn early May I took the plunge – I left my full-time job at an agency to do something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time: become self-employed as a fully-fledged, full-time freelance consultant.

Now that it’s early August, it means that I’ve just hit the 3-month mark. My first observation is just how quickly the time has gone (blimey!) but I’ve also learnt a great deal already, which I felt inspired to put into writing.

So here are 3 things I’ve learnt in the first 3 months…

1) People love saying “yes” (but they may let you down)

Fortunately I already have quite a strong network of contacts in South Wales. In fact, the reason I made the leap when I did is simply because I had a fair few people asking me if I did freelance on the side (in addition to my full-time job), but I didn’t. I thought if only a few of those came off, I’d be set. But it was even fewer than I’d expected.

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My Ignite Cardiff Talk: What Skyrim Taught Me About Business Networking

Ignite Cardiff logoSometimes I give professional talks. Sometimes… less so.

It was an absolute pleasure to speak at Ignite Cardiff‘s eleventh event in May. I was supposed to speak at IC #10 in February, but pulled out at the very last minute due to illness (as reported previously).

My talk topic? What Skyrim Taught Me About Business Networking. Here’s the video:

If you’d like to check out the slides separately and in more detail, here they are for you:

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Introducing… Morgan Online Marketing

Morgan Online Marketing logoLadies and gents… It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of my brand new website:!

A few months ago I went self-employed, and although I have a Hire Me! page on this blog, I wanted a separate, dedicated website for the freelance side of things.

The website was designed by the wonderfully talented Rhys Bartlett (@rhys_bartlett), a freelance WordPress developer based in Cardiff. I’d also like to give a shout-out to Gene Thompson (@GeneThompson1) of Creative Services Ltd, who designed the logo, and (as mentioned before), Peter Rowlands (@P_M_Photography) of P & M Photography, who provided the photo on the About page.

Morgan Online Marketing homepage screenshot

Taking the Plunge: Going Full-time Freelance

"A free lance" imageJust a quick bit of news…

For over two years, ever since leaving in 2011, I’ve considered going self-employed as a full-time SEO freelancer. However, the timing never quite seemed right. But on Friday just gone, I worked my last day at Box UK, which could be my last day in employment for a while. Yep… I’ve taken the plunge. I’m now officially a freelancer – full-time self-employed.

My family have been a big inspiration. My parents have been self-employed for decades, running their own IT recruitment agency, a Spanish rental property business and my dad is also a landlord more locally. I guess you could say that I want to follow in their footsteps.

So… if you’d like to work with me then please let me know. There’s just a brief bit of info about it on this site for now, but soon I will have a separate website for the freelance side of things: (at the moment it just redirects to SEOno, effectively sending you in an infinite loop… but it’ll be its own site soon).

It’s also pertinent to mention here, as it means that I’ll probably be updating SEOno less often from now on, especially for the next few months, while I get things going. The goal for SEOno was to publish one post per month, and I reckon I can still hit that.

[Knight/lance image credit: Martin Sharman (and before you think “what a weird image choice,” you may want to check out the origin of the word “freelance”… Personally I would’ve preferred to go for the much more cool ‘gun for hire,’ but that might’ve given people the wrong idea about what I do…)]