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Cardiff SEO Meet is Being Rebranded as Cardiff CEO Meet!

** I’m sorry to say that this was in fact an April Fool. Sorry Cardiff-based CEOs! See my AFs from 2014 & 2016. **

Since mid-2016, I’ve run 11 SEO meetup events under the name Cardiff SEO Meet.

But… while SEO is good n’ all, I feel though there’s a bigger, better, grander audience I could be running events for.

And then it hit me! Inspired by 1) some numpty who commented on one of the old Periscope videos trying to correct the speaker by saying “CEO, not SEO” (despite it being an SEO talk and – therefore – the speaker was right and the commenter was wrong), and 2) the fact that at least two past venues have referred to it as a CEO meetup, I have decided to rebrand Cardiff SEO Meet as…

Cardiff CEO Meet!

Behold, our new logo:

Cardiff CEO Meet logo
Subtle, huh?

…And our new website: (my plan is to redirect to it shortly).

I’ll get CEOs to come to the events and talk about all CEOy type things. Who knows… I might even get a CEO to do a talk about SEO! 🤯

And instead of the site review spending 20-30 mins reviewing a website, we’ll do a ‘business review’ instead, where we (the audience) will critique a CEO’s business and business practices.That’s likely to go down so well…! 😃

So there we go. I hope you will join me in celebrating the new vision and direction for the meetup.

‘Cos screw SEO. It’s dead, isn’t it?

Introducing… Anti-Sell: the Sales Book for Freelancers Who Hate Sales

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog over the last six months or so – but for good reason. In addition to doing client work and organising Cardiff SEO Meet stuff, I’ve been writing a book. And now it’s here…

Introducing Anti-Sell: Marketing, Lead Generation & Networking Tips for Freelancers Who Hate Sales.

Anti-Sell cover banner

Where to buy

Wanna just grab a copy? Go here for info & links!

Wanna learn more about how the book came to be? Read on…

The story of Anti-Sell

Anti-Sell mirror punk
Truth be told, I never thought I’d ever become an author. I love blogging (the fact that SEOno’s been going since 2011 is proof of that!) but I thought books were silly – after all, books can become obsolete (especially SEO books). But then…

A few years ago, I wrote a post on here titled 20 Ways That Freelancers Can Drum Up Sales During Quieter Times. Following on from that, I had a few more ideas of posts around the topic of sales and networking, aimed at freelancers specifically. Given that this is (mostly) an SEO blog, I wasn’t sure how best to proceed… That’s when I realised that the advice is pretty much timeless, and that each separate post idea I had could be a separate chapter in a book instead. That’s when the idea of writing a book – instead of lots of blog posts – became a plan.

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My Trip to MozCon 2018 in Seattle!

Steve & Roger MozBot photoWhat a month July was! On Sunday 8th July I flew to Seattle to attend MozCon 2018, having won a VIP ticket in a competition by Moz. My submission was a short story about Roger MozBot (Moz’s brand mascot) discovering a time machine, visiting various points in Moz’s past and potential future. You can read it here! (FUN FACT: I only know of 3 people so far who have found the story’s Easter egg…)

Hightlights of my trip included:

When I got back I blogged my notes from two of the lunch discussion round-tables for a post on State of Digital.

And you can see all my tweets, notes, pics, etc. of MozCon and Seattle here.

I also did a talk at Welsh ICE (my coworking space) as part of their ICE Breaker series, which is when members of the ICE community do a 20-minute talk during Wednesday lunchtimes (formerly known as Friday ICE, which used to be held – no surprise – on Fridays). The guys at ICE videoed it and published it to Facebook Live, which I’ve embedded below! 👇

MOM Turns 5 – A List of Thank You’s

My freelance businessMorgan Online Marketing (or MOM for short) – turned 5-years-old on Monday, as I officially took the plunge and went full-time freelance on Tuesday 7th May 2013, having left my last agency role the previous Friday. I celebrated with branded gluten-free cupcakes, like the one pictured. Yum.

When you’re self-employed, you sometimes hear that infamous “#% of businesses die in their first 5 years” statistic, which seems to vary depending on who you ask (it’s anything from 20% to 50% apparently), so I’m chuffed to have passed (survived?) this particular milestone.

I’ve posted on anniversaries before (here’s the links to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years), but this time I just wanted to say a few thank you’s to people who have helped me along the way.

Thank You’s

In (sort of?) chronological order…

Firstly, thank you to Max Minzer of Max Impact. As I was in the process of going solo, he produced some videos as part of his Max Impact series (a weekly series of Google+ Hangouts webinars, each covering different SEO/digital marketing topics) and the Choosing Clients one was massively useful. A big thank you to Lauren Hall-Stigerts and Mackenzie Fogelson for the advice that they dropped in that one. See also: Building an SEO Practice with Bill Sebald (another good one).

Thank you to GO Wales. Although I’ve never utilised them in the way that most people have (either by being a graduate getting a job, or an employer getting funding towards a hire), they also used to run Freelancer Academies, week-long workshops that gave you an intro to freelancing life. I was very lucky to go on one in my second week as a freelancer. It was extremely useful so early on.

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Vote for SEOno in the UK Blog Awards 2017!

UKBA17 badge
UPDATE: Voting is now closed!

Once again, having previously entered in 2015 and 2016, SEOno is up for public vote in the UK Blog Awards 2017 (#UKBA17).

While I’ve never had the honour of winning, in 2015 I was a finalist in the PR, Media, Marketing & Comms (Individual) category, and in 2016 I was a finalist in the Digital & Technology (Individual) category.

The first phase is a public vote, so I would welcome your votes. If anything I’ve written on here has helped you out or made you laugh (or both!) then please chuck us a vote: It only take 30 seconds – you just have to give your name, your email address and choose a category (the first option is both categories together, so go for that one ideally please)! 🙂 Voting ends at 10am on Monday 19th December 2016.

Many thanks!