My Ignite Cardiff Talk: What Skyrim Taught Me About Business Networking

Ignite Cardiff logoSometimes I give professional talks. Sometimes… less so.

It was an absolute pleasure to speak at Ignite Cardiff‘s eleventh event in May. I was supposed to speak at IC #10 in February, but pulled out at the very last minute due to illness (as reported previously).

My talk topic? What Skyrim Taught Me About Business Networking. Here’s the video:

If you’d like to check out the slides separately and in more detail, here they are for you:

Easter egg: the symbols on the first slide translate to “NETWahKIN” in the game’s dragon language. Yep, I really am that much of a geek. Fans of the game will get the reference though – it’s not random or anything, there is some logic to it (albeit not much).

My favourite moment of the video? Around the 2:35 mark

Ignite Pose photo

“WOO! Self-employment!”


Anyway… Ignite Cardiff #12 is this week. You should go. See you there.

[Image credit: Ignite Cardiff logo lovingly borrowed from their Twitter profile: @IgniteCardiff]


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