SEOno News & GB Posts: Part 5


A fair bit’s happened recently:

  • I’ve joined Cardiff Blogs‘ admin team. Even though I’ve had little involvement with the organsation of the March event (due to illness), I will be involved with future events. If you blog and you’re based in South Wales yet you’ve never been before then what’s stopping you?! πŸ™‚ Sign up here.
  • I was also supposed to give a talk at Ignite Cardiff‘s February event (IC10), but unfortunately had to pull out at the last minute (also due to illness). I’m hoping to have my talk pushed to their next event – IC11 – in May.
  • Even though I’d previously reported that I’m on my way to obtaining ‘chartered’ marketer status, it turns out… I’m not. My tutor found out from the CIM that the CAM Diploma doesn’t count towards it. However this is bearing in mind that I’ve received multiple letters and certificates of progress from the CIM saying that I’m on my way to becoming chartered. Pretty bad really… it’s certainly soured my opinion of the CIM. Update: The CIM have cleared this up via Twitter here and here.
  • It’s not yet been fully announced, but I’m going to be doing a talk at Cardiff Internet in April. My first ever professional talk! I’ll be talking about rel="author". Update: Unfortunately the event has been postponed, so… just ignore this bullet-point, heh!
  • I’ve been featured on Lancaster University’s Alumni section. Read my profile writeup here.

Posts on other sites

And here’s a couple of posts I’ve written for my work blog and as guest blogs since last time:


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