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“Repeat after me: I. Hate. Sales.”

I’ve written and self-published a book!

Anti-Sell: Marketing, Lead Generation & Networking Tips for Freelancers Who Hate Sales is the award-winning* sales guide for freelancers, small businesses owners and people in general who hate sales – whether that’s the sales process in general, the idea of ‘selling yourself,’ or finding new leads/clients.

Its chapters cover the following:

  • There’s a long list of sales, marketing, networking and lead generation tactics and tips, to give you an idea of some of the traditional ways – but also a number of alternative ways – to get your name and your face out there,
  • How you can tie the sales process into your passions and your strengths – so that sales won’t even feel like sales,
  • Getting you thinking differently about the types of events/communities to go to and get involved with, resulting in potentially being the only [insert specialism here] person in the room, rather than spending your time networking alongside your competitors,
  • How being visible, altruistic and contributory within communities is an incredible way to be recognised as the go-to person in your field,
  • And much, much more!
  • Also, throughout the book there’s also ‘Anti-Sell Stories’: 8 case studies contributed by real-life freelancers, each of whom details how they’ve fought the fight with sales (and won).

* GOLD in the Business/Career/Sales category of the eLit Book Awards 2020.

What people are saying

Annie Browne photo“Conversational, highly relatable & practical with a dash of humour for good measure. I’m so over boring business books that do not reflect the variety of personalities to be found in entrepreneurship and freelancing; so this book was a welcome change. Steve demonstrates an empathetic and realistic approach to growing your business leads in a genuine way, without trying to fit into an outdated stereotype of what it means to ‘sell’. It really reflects the individuality of freelancing as an industry and allows readers to discover many different ways to grow their business. The style of this book makes it easy to read in the first instance, but also an excellent resource to dip into as and when required. A must have for every freelancer who values flexibility and individuality in the way that they do business.”

> Annie Browne – owner of Hello My PA and co-founder of Freelance Heroes [source: Amazon]

Steve Folland photo v2“What freelancer doesn’t want clients to come to them? There is a ridiculously brilliant list of ways for you to meet or get known in this book. Ideas that will get people contacting you for work instead of you going looking for it. So good, so useful. And super quick to read. I chatted to Steve for the Being Freelance podcast and glad to say his book is totally in his voice. Friendly, witty and helpful. Whether you’re a new or established freelancer there’s plenty to take action on.”

> Steve Folland – founder, podcaster & community manager of Being Freelance [source: Amazon]

Adam Pearson photo“Steve’s book was so easy to read and full of practical tips. I loved the style of writing, conversational and straight to the point. And the case studies really made me think about how I can apply his advice to my own business. As a freelancer who hates the idea of sales, it really hit the spot.”

> Adam Pearson – founder of Pearson Insight and winner of IPSE’s New to Freelancing 2019 award [source: Amazon]

IndieReader logo“Anti-Sell functions as a resource goldmine for anyone new to freelance life while providing a detailed guide on how to increase client numbers minus irritating sales tactics.”
Rated 4.7 out of 5 & given the “IR Approved” badge

> Kent Page McGroarty – IndieReader [source]

Bernie J Mitchell photo“My favourite business book.”

> Bernie J Mitchell – content marketing consultant & coworking advocate [source: private Facebook group]

Where to buy

Anti-Sell comes in a few different formats and varieties: paperback, Kindle eBook, audiobook and plain ol’ PDF eBook.

Amazon πŸ“—πŸ“±πŸŽ™οΈ

> Buy the book on Amazon (available in Kindle/eBook, paperback and audiobook formats)

Or go to the direct versions: Kindle | audiobook | paperback

Note: the above links are for – if you’re outside the UK then you may want to search for it in your country’s version of Amazon instead.

Audible πŸŽ™οΈ

> Buy the book on Audible (audiobook)

iTunes Store πŸŽ™οΈ

> Buy the book on the iTunes Store (audiobook)

This very website…!

Coming soon! I’ll make the PDF eBook version purchasable from this page using PayPal or something.

(Psst! In the meantime, if you’re reeeally eager, contact me and we can sort it out manually, i.e. you pay me by PayPal and I’ll email it to you.)

In person

If you catch me in person (especially if it’s at an event where I’m doing a talk related to the book) then you should be able to buy a paperback copy from me in person, and can pay via cash or card (I have one of them fancy contactless card reader type devices). Or if you’re ever visiting Welsh ICE in Caerphilly then you might be able to catch me there – I’m usually there a few days a week.

Join Welsh ICE as a member

No, really! If you join Welsh ICE, you can get a free copy of the book in one of two ways:

  • A free PDF copy is available to all members via ICE’s private members’ Facebook group
  • As of October 2019, if you join ICE’s 5-9 Club, you will be given a free copy of the paperback version!


Anti-Sell has won the following awards:

It’s also been a finalist in the following:

I’ve entered (and waiting to hear back from) a few others, so fingers-crossed! 🀞

To find out more about why I wrote it and who was involved with its existence, check out this ‘launch’ blog post when I announced it.