Cardiff SEO Meet is Being Rebranded as Cardiff CEO Meet!

** I’m sorry to say that this was in fact an April Fool. Sorry Cardiff-based CEOs! See my AFs from 2014 & 2016. **

Since mid-2016, I’ve run 11 SEO meetup events under the name Cardiff SEO Meet.

But… while SEO is good n’ all, I feel though there’s a bigger, better, grander audience I could be running events for.

And then it hit me! Inspired by 1) some numpty who commented on one of the old Periscope videos trying to correct the speaker by saying “CEO, not SEO” (despite it being an SEO talk and – therefore – the speaker was right and the commenter was wrong), and 2) the fact that at least two past venues have referred to it as a CEO meetup, I have decided to rebrand Cardiff SEO Meet as…

Cardiff CEO Meet!

Behold, our new logo:

Cardiff CEO Meet logo
Subtle, huh?

…And our new website: (my plan is to redirect to it shortly).

I’ll get CEOs to come to the events and talk about all CEOy type things. Who knows… I might even get a CEO to do a talk about SEO! 🤯

And instead of the site review spending 20-30 mins reviewing a website, we’ll do a ‘business review’ instead, where we (the audience) will critique a CEO’s business and business practices.That’s likely to go down so well…! 😃

So there we go. I hope you will join me in celebrating the new vision and direction for the meetup.

‘Cos screw SEO. It’s dead, isn’t it?

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  • TJ

    April 1, 2019 at 8:23 am Reply

    Why not “ESEEOWE Meet” ?

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