The rel="author" SERP Challenge

Update: Someone’s found a SERP with 10 in it. Scroll down to learn more!

The other day I was doing a vanity rankings check to see if my recent rel="author" case study post was ranking for anything. I found out that it was ranking 1st for “rel author case study” (which is nice, but apparently doesn’t get searched on much) and also found out that I’m on page 1 for “rel author implementation” (which does get a bit of search volume).

But something else caught my attention about the SERP…

rel="author" SERP screenshot

Do you see it? EIGHT faces, i.e. 8 instances of rel="author" implementation. Given the keyword in question, I can’t say I’m surprised.

And then it got me thinking… Is there an instance of a SERP with 9 or even 10 Google+ avatars in it?

So… Competition time! If you find a SERP with 9 or 10, either tweet me, email me or leave a comment below with the following info:

  • The keyword,
  • The date you searched,
  • The country you searched from (and your version of Google if it’s different for whatever reason, e.g. if you searched using but you’re not based in France).

Lego Faces imageFor the record, mine (above) was taken today (3rd March 2013), in the UK using

The prize? Nothing major, I’ll admit. If you find one, I’ll update this post acknowledging your find, including links to your site and your Twitter profile.

I’d like to say that I’m betting it’s close to impossible to find a SERP with more than 8, but with rel="author"’s popularity growing rapidly, you never know… We might have 9 or 10 in that very keyword above in just the next few weeks/months…

UPDATE! We have a winner! Well done to Terry Simmonds of Sim64 for finding an example with 10 in it!!! See the comments below for all the info…!

Lastly, I’d like to give kudos to @foomandoonian of for suggesting Screen Capture (a plugin for Google Chrome) in order to take the ‘extended’ screenshot. There’s too many folks to name to list them all here, but I’d also like to acknowledge and thank all the other people who got in touch with me via Twitter with alternative suggestions.

[Lego faces image credit: Pedro Vezini]


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