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* Update * – When I started this list, there wasn’t a dedicated AMA category on Now there is. So I’ve decided to stop continuing this list.

On January 16th 2013, Ed Fry announced that would be introducing Ask Me Anything (AMA) threads, starting with the mighty Rand Fishkin, one of the founders of the site. As I type this, there have been three official AMAs to date (by “official” I mean announced by the team – I thought I’d make this point as some people have created their own AMAs). However, as there isn’t a dedicated category for them and the three so far have been submitted in different categories, there’s no easy way to keep track of them all.* So I thought I’d start a list…

* You could do a Google search such as “ask me anything”, but for the purposes of this post, we’ll pretend that’s not an option, okay? 😉

Interestingly, while researching this post, I found out that Jonathan Colman was the one who first came up with the idea for AMAs for – inspired by Reddit – in this thread (I can’t link to the comment directly, so you’ll have to scroll down).

Anyway, here’s the list, which will be updated as-and-when new AMAs take place. Please feel free to check back if you miss one or want to refer back to an old one!

Rand Fishkin photoRand Fishkin
Founder/CEO of SEOmoz
16th Jan 2013 – Ask Me Anything

Dharmesh Shah photoDharmesh Shah
Founder/CTO of HubSpot
24th Jan 2013 – Ask Me Anything

Ian Lurie photoIan Lurie
Founder/CEO of Portent
28th Jan 2013 – Ask Me Anything

Avinash Kaushik photoAvinash Kaushik
Co-Founder/Digital Marketing Evangelist of Market Motive Inc, Google
14th Mar 2013 – Ask Me Anything

Peep Laja photoPeep Laja
CRO Expert & Founder of ConversionXL
21st Mar 2013 – Ask Me Anything

Mike King photoMike King
Director of Inbound Marketing at iAcquire
11th Apr 2013 – Ask Me Anything

Kristina Halvorson photoKristina Halvorson
CEO of Brain Traffic & Author of Content Strategy for the Web
29th Apr 2013 – Ask Me Anything

Will Critchlow photoWill Critchlow
Co-Founder of Distilled
8th May 2013 – Ask Me Anything

Leo Widrich photoLeo Widrich
Co-Founder of Buffer
13th May 2013 – Ask Me Anything

Jason Cohen photoJason Cohen
Co-Founder/CEO of WPengine & Writer at ASmartBear
7th Aug 2013 – Ask Me Anything

Lexi Mills photoLexi Mills
Head of Digital at Dynamo PRO
12th Aug 2013 – Ask Me Anything

Mack Fogelson photoMackenzie Fogelson
Founder/CEO of Mack Web Solutions
19th Aug 2013 – Ask Me Anything

Paul May photoPaul May
Co-Founder/CEO of BuzzStream
26th Aug 2013 – Ask Me Anything

Sean Ellis photoSean Ellis
Founder/CEO of Qualaroo, Author of
29th Aug 2013 – Ask Me Anything

Justin Isaf photoJustin Isaf
Community Manager (formerly Director of Community, The Huffington Post)
11th Sep 2013 – Ask Me Anything

Annie Cushing photoAnnie Cushing
Independent SEO & Analytics Consultant (a.k.a. Annielytics)
16th Sep 2013 – Ask Me Anything

[Image credits: all borrowed from, including people’s profile pics]


  • Emma

    February 7, 2013 at 8:43 am Reply

    I’m a big fan of AMAs – it’s the only thing I use Reddit for. The one Inbound did with Rand Fishkin was pretty cool so keep them coming!

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