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The Anatomy Of An (Accidental) Monster Post – One Year On

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Just over one year ago, on 6th March 2013, I published How To Remove Slanderous Google Reviews – A Case Study. It’s the story of how I managed to remove a fake 1-star review from my parents’ business’ Google Places account.

At the time, that’s all it was: a story. Events unfolded and I decided to write about them, as I thought that my experience might be helpful to others. Beyond that, I thought nothing of it. Even as an SEO, I didn’t expect the post to be big – but over the year, it took off. Majorly.

One year on, I wanted to look back at the stats in Google Analytics and suggest what I think may be behind its success.

The data

From 6th March 2013 to 5th March 2014, my blog had over 15k unique visits and over 22k unique pageviews. The post had over 7,000 unique pageviews – a third of all pageviews to the entire 150+ page blog

GA Top 5 Pages screenshot
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It’s also been viewed twice as many times as my homepage. The blog’s second most popular post during that time received a seventh of the views of the main post (just shy of 1,000 unique pageviews)… In other words, it makes the rest of my content look crap in comparison, haha!

Interestingly, when looking at the Top Pages section in Open Site Explorer, things are different. From a Page Authority point of view, it’s the blog’s fifth most popular page:

OSE Top 5 Pages screenshot
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Less links and less shares compared to a couple of other posts and pages.

So what’s attributed to its success, if social shares and links aren’t behind it? Organic search.

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