SEOno Returns

Just a quick bit of news…

In my last post, I said that SEOno would be on hiatus until June. However it looks as though my circumstances have changed, with my CAM Diploma deadline moving from May to September, which should give me some time in-between in order to blog on here again.

I also realise that it’s been a while (August) since I wrote a post listing guest blog posts and articles I’ve written for other sites, but I think there’s only been the one since then anyway, which appeared on Fresh Business Thinking in October: How to Find Opportunities and Mentions of Your Business Using Google Alerts and Twitter. Should be a few more in the pipeline though…

And that’s all there is to say for now really… I’m not used to typing posts that are this short!

SEOno More (For Now)…

Sadface Bath imageDue to other commitments, I have made the difficult decision to postpone blogging on SEOno for at least 6 months.

In September, I was put on the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing for work. With the way things have worked out, a colleague and I have only 9 months to complete all 3 modules, whereas I believe most people have at least 1 year. For my current module, I have 4 weeks to do the 1st drafts of 3 assignments, which has me just a teeny-tiny little bit scared (read: absolutely petrified). Throw in a full-time job and attempts at hobbies and a social life to stay sane and I’m starting to enter ‘juggling-too-much’ territory.

To be honest, since starting this blog about 9 months ago, I feel as though I have not given it 100%. For a start, I’ve hosted it on WordPress.com and not .org, which means I do not even have full control over it for SEO purposes – and someone talking about SEO who doesn’t even have an optimised blog is a little bit… well… bland. (Even though my area of expertise is off-site SEO and not on-site SEO, but regardless…) I’ve also not written as much content as I’d like – I wanted to write a post every week, but at the moment I’m lucky to write one post per month, if that.

Once my course is over, I should have more free time on my hands in order to write for SEOno once again. In the meantime, I still plan to make the move to .org – with the help of the mighty Andrew Isidoro of SEOfosho – plus I will be guest blogging pretty heavily for Liberty Marketing and also writing for their corporate online marketing blog. I also plan to keep attending the wonderful Cardiff Blogs, even though I won’t be blogging in a personal capacity.

So… Thanks to those who’ve read, linked, tweeted and commented my posts so far. Godspeed and happy blogging!

[Sadface Bath image credit: Edgar Sousa]

Recent posts on other sites and SEOno news

Just a quick post covering two things…

Recent posts on other websites

Just like with SEOno’s first post, every now and again I want to link to blog posts that I’ve written for other sites. There’s only two this time round…

Firstly, I’ve written another post for the online marketing blog of Liberty (my employer). It examines the difference in search volume between head terms vs. the long-tail. For example, a keyword like “shoes” may get a lot of people searching on it, but it may be more important for a business to focus on less popular (but less competitive, cheaper, easier-to-convert) keywords, such as the likes of “buy mens shoes.”

The second is a YOUmoz post, which is the UGC (User-Generated Content) section of SEOmoz, one of the world’s biggest SEO resources and my personal favourite. I’m a massive SEOmoz fan (read: I’m a massive geek), so it’s an absolute pleasure and honour to have had my post accepted. It’s about the word limit affecting the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, which could majorly affect people’s SEO keyword research, especially if they’re looking into short terms and phrases.

In the pipeline, there’ll be more content for the Liberty blog, another YOUmoz post and a guest article for Fresh Business Thinking. I’m also hoping to do a post for Cardiff Blogs (@cdfblogs on Twitter), after having attended their most recent event last month. If any of the above come off then I’ll be sure to link to them in a future post.

News about the blog

The main reason I wanted to update was to say that this’ll probably be the last post on the SEOno blog for a good month or two. The reason for the break in blogging is simply due to the fact that I’m getting married next week!

However, when I’m back, I have great plans for the blog, including a redesign (something I’ve had in mind for a while) as well as more SEO and #SMsceptic posts.

Until then, ciao…*

* A hint as to the honeymoon’s location (in fact, this font should too)! It’s my first time there, so if anyone could help out with a few vital phrases then that’d be appreciated!

My intentions for the SEOno blog

I started the SEOno blog a month ago now and an SEO worth their salt should be able to quickly and easily identify that the blog itself hasn’t been very well optimised as of yet. The usual on-page suspects (page titles, META data, etc.) are basic and – in some cases – not unique, while the template I’ve chosen has a ton of errors in the code because of the chosen font.

I’m fairly new to WordPress and I guess I’ve been a little naïve when it’s come to setting it up. I went ahead with WP’s own hosting (.com, not .org) and didn’t realise that I wouldn’t be allowed to use plug-ins. The plan is to change the hosting, from WP’s own to another alternative, opening up the use of plug-ins and allowing me to have greater control over the feel and aesthetics of the blog.

I’m waiting for a colleague at Liberty to show me how best to go about this, as he’s more experienced at using WP and doing this type of thing, at which point I’ll apply it to the SEOno blog. Hopefully this will happen sometime in the next few weeks.

Until then, I may limit or restrict the amount of blog posts that I write. I’ll want to go back and make changes to the previous posts (only 3 at this point, 4 including this one), so I’d rather do it while the number’s low than continue to add to it and create more work for myself in the future.

Don’t worry… I have some great ideas for future blog posts, covering many topics, thoughts and ideas that have not been covered anywhere else. Stay tuned…

My previous posts for other blogs and sites

Welcome to the first blog post on the brand new SEOno blog.

Although this is a new blog, I have previously written a few blogs posts and articles for other sites, primarily for Liberty Marketing’s blog but also for one or two other places.

Here’s a list of my personal favourites…


My most recent post was a guest blog post for HireScores.com: How Not To Write A CV, based on the experiences and observations of the IT recruitment agency Computer Recruiter.

My latest blog post for the Liberty blog looked at the implications of the possible ruling in the Interflora and Marks & Spencer court case. I caught Interflora out at their own game (bidding on a competitor’s name, albeit one that probably isn’t trademarked) to highlight how easy it is to accidentally bid on competitors using broad and phrase match keywords. The potential ruling could have a big effect on the PPC and AdWords campaigns of big brands but will also affect Google itself.

I also wrote a theory on how Google Instant hasn’t killed the Long Tail, but has instead changed it. Depending on the industry, long tail search terms can just as important as head terms. In summary, the first few words searchers type into Google will lead them select certain keywords based on their demographics and requirements due to Instant and Suggest/Auto-Complete. Therefore businesses need to think about the psychology of their target audience – what are they likely to type in when starting their search? “cheap?” “best?” “how to?”


Probably my absolute favourite to date: I came up with a customisable search query to help people use Google to find jobs online. Searchers could simply put the words in depending on their desired job type and location and search many jobs in one go, without the need to constantly tweak their search query. The post fared well and was even picked up and republished by HireScores.com.

Should Google have to reveal its algorithm? looked into the argument that Google could manipulate its results to benefit itself as well as what would happen if Google made the details of its algorithm public knowledge.


Some of my first posts for Liberty include the third part (O-Z) of the blog’s series of jargon posts, as well as a follow-up post taking a look at the more unusual SEO jargon.

At the moment, the Liberty blog doesn’t have a way to sort blog posts by author. This is something that we’re hoping to change ASAP and as soon as we do, I’ll edit this post to include a link.

From now on, I’ll probably mention if I’ve posted elsewhere in a post on here. Or I’ll tweet them. Stay tuned…