It’s Taking 34 Weeks (& Counting) To Edit A Yahoo! Local Listing

Yahoo! thumbs-down imageIf you want to edit your Google My Business listing, you login (or claim access), make a change, submit it, and then it could take up to 3 days for the change to happen – but usually it’s almost instantaneous, if not within an hour or so.

If you want to edit your Yahoo! Local listing, …haha. Haha. Hahaha. HaHaHaHa. HAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Yeah, good luck with that.

In the UK it has to be done via Infoserve, and the official response is that it takes 8 weeks for a change to go through (which you find out after you’ve applied to edit a listing). That in itself is an embarrassment, so it’s pretty humiliating that – despite multiple attempts and 8-week waits – I’m still waiting for a change to go through for Computer Recruiter, my parents’ business.

14th May 2015 – I put in a request for an amendment of the listing as the postcode was incorrect, it was showing the company’s old web address, and the phone number was showing up as the fax number. An Infoserve employee (who shall remain nameless) dutifully replied informing me that it’d take 8 weeks and that it’d therefore be ready by 9th July 2015. I asked why it took so long (“8 weeks?!”) and got some nonsense reply about it being their standard process or whatnot.

10th July 2015 – I kept an eye on it, but… no update. I chased. A new request was put in and another 8-week wait was in order: it’ll be ready by 4th September 2015 this time.

4th September 2015 – The fax number issue was resolved, but… the postcode and web address details were still incorrect. Another amendment was put through, this time ready by 2nd November 2015. I ask how I can make a complaint and I’m told that our emails back-and-forth act as the formal complaint procedure. Ok then.

2nd November 2015 – The web address was now correct, but… the postcode was still incorrect. I was told to edit my postcode in Computer Recruiter’s Yelp listing as that should help things (what?), but I didn’t even need to do this as Yelp has been showing it correctly (and had done so for ages). I was told that they’ll try again – this time it’ll go through by 29th December 2015.

5th January 2016 – Oh do I really need to freaking tell you…?! The postcode is still wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Another poor excuse and apology are given to me, and I embrace myself for another 8-week wait. 29th February 2016 is the new due date. Shall I hold my breath in anticipation? Probably not, no.

By that point (29th February) I will have been waiting for a grand total of 41 weeks. That’s 11 weeks shy of an entire year. In fact, it doesn’t go through on 29th February and I’m told that it has to go through another 8-week process, it pretty much will be an entire year.

I’m sorry Yahoo!/Infoserve but this is so embarrassingly bad that we need a new phrase that emphasises bad embarrassment more than “embarrassingly bad” does. There’s no surprise that Google is leaps and bounds above you in the UK search engine market share stats. It’s farcical.

…Thanks for Flickr though. And Community Season 6. You’re good for some stuff, I guess.

UPDATE (8th March 2016) – Still didn’t work! They’re trying again – the due date is now 2nd May 2016, almost a full year since we started. In Infoserve’s defence, the rep was very apologetic and explained that it’s a likely issue at Yahoo!’s end. Oh dear. One thing that made me laugh was (to paraphrase) the rep saying something like: “I’m starting to get a bit concerned about this now…”“starting?!”

UPDATE (2nd April 2016) – Sometime in the last week or so it finally started showing the right postcode! HUZZAH! So that’s a grand total of c. 44-46 weeks from when we started on 14th May last year. Well done, Yahoo! and Infoserve. Well done. </sarcasm>

[Image credit – xenolon (ironically from Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo!…)]

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