How I (Briefly) Became An Internet Meme…

Meme sketchA short, lighthearted post while I continue the transition from employment to self-employment…

Earlier this week I shared one of a number of professional headshots I’d had done, taken by the wonderful Peter Rowlands of P & M Photography:

I chose a green background for a few of the photos to coincide with the branding. However I didn’t expect people to make this observation…

Uh-oh. Well you can tell what happened next…

I visited China!

And the moon!

I took Wally’s place in Where’s Stevie? (which I was a massive fan of as a kid)!

(My favourite thing about this one was that it actually took a while to find me…!)

I even made some high-profile appearances, on the BBC…

…and on Britain’s Got Talent:

(Move over, Cowell! Literally. You can sit next to me, but out of frame. Got it? Good.)

So… Lessons learnt:

  • Be careful sharing photos with a green background.
  • Especially on Twitter.
  • People have too much time on their hands…!
  • I hate you all. 🙂
  • The only thing that’s missing? CAPTIONS!

[Meme embroidery image credit: Sarah (Totally Severe)]


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