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My previous posts for other blogs and sites

Welcome to the first blog post on the brand new SEOno blog.

Although this is a new blog, I have previously written a few blogs posts and articles for other sites, primarily for Liberty Marketing’s blog but also for one or two other places.

Here’s a list of my personal favourites…


My most recent post was a guest blog post for How Not To Write A CV, based on the experiences and observations of the IT recruitment agency Computer Recruiter.

My latest blog post for the Liberty blog looked at the implications of the possible ruling in the Interflora and Marks & Spencer court case. I caught Interflora out at their own game (bidding on a competitor’s name, albeit one that probably isn’t trademarked) to highlight how easy it is to accidentally bid on competitors using broad and phrase match keywords. The potential ruling could have a big effect on the PPC and AdWords campaigns of big brands but will also affect Google itself.

I also wrote a theory on how Google Instant hasn’t killed the Long Tail, but has instead changed it. Depending on the industry, long tail search terms can just as important as head terms. In summary, the first few words searchers type into Google will lead them select certain keywords based on their demographics and requirements due to Instant and Suggest/Auto-Complete. Therefore businesses need to think about the psychology of their target audience – what are they likely to type in when starting their search? “cheap?” “best?” “how to?”


Probably my absolute favourite to date: I came up with a customisable search query to help people use Google to find jobs online. Searchers could simply put the words in depending on their desired job type and location and search many jobs in one go, without the need to constantly tweak their search query. The post fared well and was even picked up and republished by

Should Google have to reveal its algorithm? looked into the argument that Google could manipulate its results to benefit itself as well as what would happen if Google made the details of its algorithm public knowledge.


Some of my first posts for Liberty include the third part (O-Z) of the blog’s series of jargon posts, as well as a follow-up post taking a look at the more unusual SEO jargon.

At the moment, the Liberty blog doesn’t have a way to sort blog posts by author. This is something that we’re hoping to change ASAP and as soon as we do, I’ll edit this post to include a link.

From now on, I’ll probably mention if I’ve posted elsewhere in a post on here. Or I’ll tweet them. Stay tuned…