Year 2015

2015 seemed like an odd inclusion on the time machine. It was only three years in the past. Nevertheless, Roger was curious to see what was in store for him.

He left the time machine to discover that he was in the Moz office, having recognised it instantly. Straight away he spotted two old, familiar faces, who no longer work at Moz: Jennifer Sable Lopez and Erica McGillivray. At the time, they ran Moz’s community.

Roget MozBot & the Time Machine - 2015
Even then Moz was more than just a blog and a weekly video series. Its community was (and still is) incredible. Roger thought to himself that Jen and Erica had done a fantastic job curating the Moz Blog, YouMoz and MozCon. After Dana Lookadoo’s cycling accident, they helped her by raising money to cover medical expenses (although sadly Dana passed away, later that same year). Not all companies would consider going to such efforts to support their own and their friends.

Roger wanted to go over and say hi, but he could see that they were busy planning MozCon 2015.

“Who do we have lined up for MozCon so far this year, Erica?” Jen shouted over her monitor.

“Let’s see… Dana DiTomaso, Cindy Krum, Purna Virji, Kristina Halvorson and Mary Bowling, among others,” Erica replied. “All the greats.”


Roger always liked how Moz was so diverse. The blog’s authorship was diverse, as were the MozCon speaker line-ups (although he did wish that they’d get more robot bloggers and speakers on-board)… They were a great company and community in that way.

Roger then remembered that at this point, Sarah Bird had replaced Rand as CEO, too.

Whispering “Thank you,” in Jen and Erica’s direction, he sneaked back into the time machine and moments later he was gone.

Back to the present

[Image credit – Josh Hicks]

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. The author’s views are entirely his own and may not reflect the views of Moz or the individuals mentioned.