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What Video Games Do SEOs Like? A Superboss-sized Survey!

Intro from Steve: Although I’m a big advocate of guest blogging, I told myself I probably wouldn’t host guest posts on SEOno. But after chatting to Emma Barnes about a potential post, I couldn’t resist. Emma is a Data Analyst at Branded3 and runs her own blog about video games called Gaming Memoirs. I’m extremely lucky to have such an awesome post as my first guest post and – as you’ll see below – Emma put A LOT of time into this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Hello Faithful readers of SEOno – I’m Emma, who Steve has kindly let write all over his blog.

Likelihood is, if you’re reading this – you work in the SEO industry, hooray! So do I. I am one of those rare people that fits into the middle part of this Venn Diagram:

Stuck in the middle with me
Stuck in the middle with me

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