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3 Things I Learnt Muting 50 World Cup Twitter Hashtags

People who know me well know one thing about me: I’m not a fan of football. So much so that one time, when I guy I didn’t know for very long asked me over Facebook if I’d be keen to … Continue reading

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Should You Remove Bad Links? A Twitter & Google+ Debate

So this morning I woke up, opened Tweetbot on my mobile and found out that I’d received 29 @mentions from 3 people… Earlier in the day yesterday, I left this reply to a tweet by @barriemoran about lifting penalties: @barriemoran … Continue reading

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Why Sharing The Source Is So Important…

A couple of weeks ago I published a rant, talking about how it bugged me when people on social media (usually Twitter) shared something without quoting/sharing the source, so it looked as though they were passing it off as their … Continue reading

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How Many Times Should You Tweet a Blog Post? Experts Weigh in…

To tweet or not to tweet (three times)… A few days ago, I tweeted these two tweets via my Twitter profile (try saying that when you’ve had a drink or two!): I usually tweet a new post twice – once … Continue reading

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#SMsceptic: How To Get More RTs (The Copycat Way)

This post’s been drafted since February and I’ve been reluctant to publish it, but after reading Cracked.com’s The 5 Most Notorious Joke Thieves on the Internet and particularly #4, I thought “ahh what the heck….” 4 Steps to RT Success! … Continue reading

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