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My First Ever Online Marketing Campaign (Was An Absolute Failure)

I recently got into a bit of an… umm… ‘altercation’ with a South Wales-based business (who shall remain nameless) via Twitter. They followed me and then sent me multiple copied and pasted @mentions basically saying: “we’ve followed you, so the … Continue reading

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SEOs on Last.fm

“Your musical compatibility is Optimised” If you’re obsessed with music as much as you’re obsessed with the SEO industry then hopefully you’ll like this post… For those unfamiliar with Last.fm, it’s a service that “scrobbles” your plays from your devices, … Continue reading

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Is Social Media ‘Destroying’ Local Live Music?

The Intro (The barman’s perspective) Those of you who know me well will know that during my uni days at Lancaster Uni, I was heavily involved with the live music scene, both as a performer and as a promoter. A … Continue reading

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Modern music marketing: is what you don’t do more important than doing everything?

My evolution as a music lover over the years has basically gone something like this: 1. Buy everything I like on CD 2. Listen to everything on Spotify instead Since discovering Spotify two years ago, shortly after it came out … Continue reading

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The future of music and search?

Two of my biggest passions in life are music and search engine optimisation. However, one thing that’s always left me a little gutted is the fact that the two really aren’t compatible. People may use Google to look for merchandise, … Continue reading

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