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How Many Times Should You Tweet a Blog Post? Experts Weigh in…

To tweet or not to tweet (three times)… A few days ago, I tweeted these two tweets via my Twitter profile (try saying that when you’ve had a drink or two!): I usually tweet a new post twice – once … Continue reading

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Google Help Needs UX Improvements, A Content Audit & A Better Attitude…

As someone who’s been doing SEO and PPC day in and day out for nearly 5 years, I’m no stranger to Google’s Help sections. While there’s a lot of great search engine marketing advice out there on other people’s blogs, … Continue reading

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432 Mind-Blowing Article Titles You Won’t Believe Are By Cracked.com

File this under: silly… I’m a massive, massive fan of Cracked.com – I have been for years. As an online marketer, I’ve always been interested – with sites like these – about how they go about their digital strategy. Given … Continue reading

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Keep it Relevant: Content Strategy and SEO in Traditionally Boring Industries

I recently got into a discussion on Twitter with a former colleague of mine, after I rather (stupidly) publicly questioned my former employers’ choice of off-site content strategy. There’s more to the story and some stuff I’d like to say, … Continue reading

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