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The Launch of CR 25 – 25 Blog Posts in One Month

Happy New Year everyone! January is going to be a busy start of the year for me… I’m really excited and proud to announce the launch of CR 25 today. To celebrate my parents’ company’s 25th anniversary as an IT … Continue reading

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2-3 WordPress Plugins For Reducing Comment Spam (From 100s To <10 Per Day)

Want to know how I reduced WordPress blog comment spam significantly, using just 2-3 plugins, with no need for a CAPTCHA? Then keep reading, friend… People who know me well (especially on Twitter) will know that blog comment spam has … Continue reading

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How Many Times Should You Tweet a Blog Post? Experts Weigh in…

To tweet or not to tweet (three times)… A few days ago, I tweeted these two tweets via my Twitter profile (try saying that when you’ve had a drink or two!): I usually tweet a new post twice – once … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Whose Line 365 – Only 70 Days Young

In the last 2-3 months I’ve written two blogs posts (this one and this one) dedicated to a recent pet project of mine: a blog 365 project I started back in April called Whose Line 365, sharing YouTube clips of … Continue reading

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A Blog 365 Project – 50 Days On

* Update: Unfotunately WL365 is no more… * In early April I started a blog 365 project: Whose Line 365, a blog dedicated to sharing a Whose Line Is It Anyway? clip from YouTube every day for a year. As … Continue reading

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