SEOno News & GB Posts: Part 7


A few things to report since the last news post back in August

  • I’ve been invited to speak at Online Seller Wales‘ next event on 20th February in Cardiff. My talk title is: “Google-Friendly Link Building Tactics For Online Sellers” (i.e. eCommerce sites). Here’s the Eventbrite page. Best of all? It’s free! And there are two other speakers! Check out the #OSWCardiff hashtag for more news and info.
  • Cardiff Blogs launched its Blog Club. Separate to our main events, they’re monthly and they’re intended to give local bloggers 2-3 hours to work on their blog, whether it’s to write some new posts or get some tips and advice from other bloggers. I wrote a post about November’s meet-up, which you can see here.
  • Another YouMoz post I wrote (see below for its link) was upgraded to the main blog, which I’m mega chuffed about!
  • I was asked to contribute to an article on The Next Web, which is awesome (link below).
  • SEOno has been included in SEO Group’s Top 40 SEO Blogs to Read in 2014. Given that I looked through the list and saw 39 other blogs that I think are ten times better than this one, I’m extremely humbled.

Posts on other sites

Recent guest posts:

Contributions on other sites

In the last few months, a few people have also approached me asking me to contribute to a post, which I thought I’d mention, too:

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  1. sorry i’m a complete numptie & missed your talk today – any chance of a link to the slides please? many thanks arthur

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