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Confusing Google: A rel="author" Case Study

This post is mainly about what happens when you implement rel="author" twice on a webpage and the confusion and potential mistrust it carries in Google’s eyes. However it also covers the following areas: The best and easiest way to implement … Continue reading

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How To Market Your Live Music Bar Online

Intro from Steve: After my first guest post publication, Mike – who I’ve known on Twitter for a while – asked if he could publish one as well. Given its subject matter, I couldn’t say no. I used to work … Continue reading

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The Ever-growing List of Ask Me Anything (AMA) Threads

* Update * – When I started this list, there wasn’t a dedicated AMA category on Now there is. So I’ve decided to stop continuing this list. On January 16th 2013, Ed Fry announced that would be introducing … Continue reading

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SEOs on

“Your musical compatibility is Optimised” If you’re obsessed with music as much as you’re obsessed with the SEO industry then hopefully you’ll like this post… For those unfamiliar with, it’s a service that “scrobbles” your plays from your devices, … Continue reading

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