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How To Insult Your Customers In Just 2 Emails

I had a really frustrating experience with an online store during the run-up to Christmas while buying a gift for my better half. I usually try to stick to sites I’m used to (, Amazon, etc.) and this reminded me … Continue reading

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Interview with Ed Fry about

Back in June, I interviewed Rand Fishkin about, an Inbound Marketing community that calls itself the “Hacker News for Marketers.” The site was about four months old at the time of the interview, as it had officially launched in … Continue reading

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432 Mind-Blowing Article Titles You Won’t Believe Are By

File this under: silly… I’m a massive, massive fan of – I have been for years. As an online marketer, I’ve always been interested – with sites like these – about how they go about their digital strategy. Given … Continue reading

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SEOno News & GB Posts: Part 4

News Ladies and gents… I’m chuffed to say that I am now a qualified digital marketer. I’ve worked full-time in SEO and online marketing for four years and have just earned my first industry-recognised qualification: the CIM-endorsed CAM Diploma in … Continue reading

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